Bioresorbable photopolymer resins suitable for 3D printing, casting, and coating.


Technical Grades for use in device research and development. Not suitable for human implantation.

4Degra® T15

Flexible device solutions

The most flexible material in the 4Degra® range suited to diverse soft tissue applications.

4Degra® T800

Tough device solutions

A tough material with similar Ultimate Tensile Strength to established PCL resorbable materials, but with significantly improved impact strength.

4Degra® T2500

Strong device solutions

The strongest and most supportive structural material within the 4Degra® standard technical grade material portfolio.

Custom Formulations

In addition to our off-the-shelf range of technical resins, we offer a custom formulation service where the mechanical and degradation properties of our resins can be optimised for a specific device application.

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