3D printing resins

Initially, we are focusing on the development and scale-up of our novel 3D printing resin technology (patents applied for) and by mid 2021 we plan to launch our first ‘Technical Grade’ resins for use in research and development projects.

By tuning the chemistry and formulation of our resins we can achieve a wide range of physical properties. Our product range will include ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ variants with elastic moduli starting from 10 MPa rising up to 3 GPa. Within our materials we can also tune shape memory behaviour and degradation-time profiles to enable variations in the 4th dimension (time).

Product data sheets and performance testing data will be shared here – watch this space!

Implantable medical devices

With their unique properties our range of novel 3D printing resins have clear advantages in numerous biomedical applications.

Engaging with experts in a range of fields, we have explored potential applications and narrowed them down to three key areas. In each of these areas we commissioned independent market research with leading KOLs across our target market territories to identify clinical opportunities and unfulfilled patient needs.

With support from Innovate UK grant funding, we have now started to develop a pipeline of prototype devices for the most suitable of these applications. We will be seeking further investment funding imminently to complete a preclinical development programme.

Watch our news page for further updates on these exciting developments.