The market for polymeric biomaterials is growing quickly, but despite this growth, it is widely recognised in the industry that the ‘holy grail’ solution has not yet been developed. The ideal biomaterial for use in regenerative medicine must: be biocompatible; promote tissue regeneration; have non-toxic biodegradation, have mechanical properties suited to the host tissue and good handling properties in a clinical environment.

Our people have developed a patented range of novel polymeric 3-D printing resin-inks that promise, uniquely, to meet all of the above requirements and offer important advantages over the next best alternatives. The polymers and their degradation products are non-toxic and their properties can be tuned to suit a wide range of tissue regeneration applications. These 3-D printable resin-inks will enable medical implants to be fitted to the exact shape and dimensional requirements of each patient, optimising outcomes in applications such as cancer treatment and reconstructive surgery. Initial in-vitro and in-vivo testing has provided strong evidence of the anticipated biocompatibility and tissue regeneration properties that will enable multiple stakeholders in the health sector to benefit from improved treatment options for a range of life-changing conditions, not least the patients themselves.